Business travel

Your situation

You are replying to invitations and requests from your partners in France. You want to attend or participate in trade fairs, seminars or conferences related to your professional activity.

Your visa

You will be issued a short-stay visa valid for the Schengen area or a French non-European territory depending on your destination. It will allow you to visit France for the duration of your visit, which must not exceed 90 days.

Your supporting documentation

To obtain your visa, you must demonstrate or prove the link between your professional activity and the purpose of your trip. The required supporting documents related to your personal and professional situation are indicated in the visa wizard.

Examples of supporting documents :

  • The request letter, the summons or the invitation from your correspondent in France accurately describing the activity, the purpose, the duration and the location of the meeting, seminar or conference;
  • Failing this, admission cards to trade fairs or conferences;
  • Failing this, a commitment by the inviting organisation or company to cover all the visitor's costs during his/her stay.