France Visas commits to making its website accessible in compliance with Article 47 of Act° 2005-102 of 11 February 2005. This Accessibility Statement applies to France-Visas.

Conformance Status

The online service is partially conformant to the general guidelines to improve accessibility (RGAA, version 4) due to non-conformance and waivers listed below.


The conformance audit conducted shows:

Level A :

  • 84.74% of RGAA version 4.0 criteria are respected.

Level AA :

  • 92.67% of RGAA version 4.0 criteria are respected.

Non-accessible content

The content listed below is not accessible for the following reasons :

Colours :

  • The contrast ratio between the text colour and the background colour is insufficient, which can reduce its legibility. (Criteria 3.3)

Consultation :

  • The footer contains no information about links that open in a new window. (Criteria 13.2)
  • On the form download page, there is no information on consulting the forms. (Criteria 13.6)

Browsing :

  • The breadcrumb trail and footer area are not clearly identified. (Criteria 12.10)
  • Keyboard traps remain in the online request and visa assistant, in particular when selecting a value in a drop-down list. (Criteria 12.14)

Structure :

  • The page for selecting the country of application does not have a H1 heading. (Criteria 9.1)

Mandatory items :

  • For each web page, the source code is not valid according to the type of document specified. (Criteria 8.2)

Scripts :

  • The script set cannot be controlled without a mouse (Criteria 7.3)


  • Deactivation of Javascript impossible: the site is based on Javascript technology.
  • No alternative to Captcha FV: Contact us to create an account.
  • Accessible version of every office document.

Establishment of this Accessibility Statement

This statement was established on 27/01/2021.

Technologies used in website creation :

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PDF

User agents, assistance technologies and tools used to check accessibility

Content retrieval verifications were carried out based on the combination provided by the RGAA 4.0 reference base, with the following versions :

  • NVDA (Versions 2019.2)
  • Firefox browser (Firefox 68.4.1esr)

The following tools were used for the assessment:

  • Assistant RGAA for Firefox: Browser extension enabling web pages to be audited following RGAA guidelines (published by the Interministerial Directorate for the Digital Sector/DISIC)
  • Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox: toolbar for developers, with certain functions that can be used to check the accessibility of certain elements on a website
  • W3C Validator : online tool to validate the source code generated by a website
  • WCAG Contrast checker : Firefox extension that performs an automatic check of the colour contrasts in texts on a website

Website pages that were subject to conformance checks (19 pages total) :

« Submit your visa application » page
Country page - « Japan »
« General information » page
« Track your application status » page
« Visa application guidelines » page
« Short-stay visa » page
« Long-stay visa » page
« Airport transit visa » page
« Forms » page
« Tourism/Private stay » page
« Student » page
« legal notice » page
« Contact us - Support » page
« Site map » page
« FAQ » page
« My account »
« Do I need a visa ? » page
« Application Form » page

Feedback and contact information

If you are unable to access a specific service or content, you can contact the France Visas portal manager to be directed to an accessible alternative or to access the content in a different form.

Direction de l’immigration

Sous-direction des visas

11, rue de la Maison Blanche


Complaint Procedure

This procedure is to be used in the following situation: You have informed the website manager of an accessibility problem that prevents you from accessing a specific service or content and you have not received a satisfactory response.

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