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To note:


However you can contact us for another reason, an answer will be provided if your situation does not correspond to any of the cases presented below:

  • In the case of general information on the procedure, please consult the steps of the visa application.
  • In the event that your message relates to a problem of access to your France Visas account, please read carefully the Account Management section of the FAQ.
  • In case you do not know if a visa is required, we invite you to use the visa assistant.
  • In case you can not find your document or your reason for traveling, please consult the "Special Situations" section of your place of residence or contact your visa center.
  • In the case where your message concerns a problem of access to the account of provider and, more broadly, a problem related to the making of an appointment, thank you to contact directly your visa center, the appointments being always managed locally.
  • If your message concerns a visa refusal, please consult the last section of the FAQ.

For a better consideration of your request please write to us in French or English.

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