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You can complete most formalities on France-Visas:

  • Creating and managing your account. Click on the "My account" tab to manage your account as well as your personal data.
  • Find out whether you need a visa to visit France. The visa wizard online test lets you know quickly if you need a visa or not. You will also receive information about applicable prices and which supporting documents you will need to provide.
  • Filling in the application form. If you need a visa, you can start your application by filling in the online form prior to submitting your application at the relevant visa application centre.

Website navigation help

Main and secondary menu

The main menu has five principle sections providing general and regulatory information about applying for visas for France.

Simply select the country where you want to submit your application in order to obtain specific information about the visa application procedure in that country.

User account

Here, you can access your personal space once you have logged in and been authenticated.


By clicking on the logo above the main menu, you can directly return to the portal’s homepage.

Breadcrumb trail

On all the website’s pages, you will see a breadcrumb trail below the main menu; this helps you know where you are on the website and find your way back to the homepage.

Menu at the bottom of the page

The menu at the bottom of the page gives you access to the navigation menu as well as additional pages.

Features offered by your browser

In addition to the available features, our website has been designed to ensure that your browser can access all its own special functions and features to ensure a better user experience.

For example, on all the pages you can increase the font size.

  • On a PC: press Ctrl + [+] at the same time to increase the font size. Press Ctrl + [-] at the same time to reduce the font size. By successively pressing these keys, you can incrementally increase or decrease the font size. If you press Ctrl + 0 (i.e. zero) at the same time, you will return to the default text size.
  • On a Mac: to perform the same actions, simply replace the Ctrl key with the Cmd key.

Keyboard users can print any page on the website by going to the desired page and pressing (at the same time) Ctrl + P on a PC or Cmd + P, if you have a Mac.

Do you need to contact us for more information? If the website does not provide the information you need, you are advised to contact the relevant visa service provider or visa application centre. For more information about this, please consult the “Help” section in the country where you wish to submit your visa.
Do you have any suggestions about the website? You can send your messages and comments using the contact form below. You will not receive a reply to your message.

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