France Visas – Student visa applications – Digitization of documents

Persons concerned : Students wishing to study in France.
Type of visa : Long-stay study visa.
Applicable in : All countries where an external service provider is present to receive visa applications.
Date : From 07 April 2021

Digitization of documents :

Starting from 07 April 2021, long-stay study visa applicants can submit the documents accompanying their applications digitally. If they choose this option, all required documents must be submitted digitally. This will speed up processing at the visa applications centre.

Please note : The digitisation of supporting documents does not exempt you from bringing the originals of all the digitised documents, translated into French or English, on the day of your appointment.

Requirements :

  • Dimensions : A4
  • Colour : the document must be digitized in full colour
  • File format : only PDF files are accepted.
  • Maximum size : 2MB per document and 6MB for each category of documents.
  • Maximum number of documents : a maximum of 10 documents per category.
  • Title of documents : titles must contain at most 100 characters. Choose a file name that clearly identifies the document. Authorized characters are alphanumerical characters (including characters with accents and both upper and lower case), spaces, commas, full stops, minus signs, apostrophes and slashes.

Quality of digitized documents :

NB : Documents will only be accepted if all parts are legible. If the image is not clear and legible, this may slow processing of the application at the visa application centre.

A resolution of 300 DPI is recommended for digitized documents. Lower resolutions may make the document illegible, while higher resolutions increase file size.

However, if the original document contains very detailed elements (passport stamps, etc.), resolution may need to be increased to 600 DPI.

Each document must be saved in a separate file with its own name. The file name must be representative of its content.

If a document has to be scanned in several files, a suffix should be added to the file name. For example: passport_1.pdf; passport_2.pdf..

Open and read the documents created before submission, to ensure they are legible and complete.

Photos should be taken with sufficient lighting.

Avoid shadows and flash.

Avoid zooming, as it can blur document content.

The image must include the whole document. If only part of the document is included, the document will be rejected.