Apply for a visa in Denmark to visit France

Visa applications submitted in Copenhagen are examined by the consular section of the Embassy of France in Denmark; only the consular section is authorized to take decisions about visas.

Prior appointment by email is required if you would like to submit a  visa application.

The processing time is approximately from 3 working days to 15 working days. This instruction delay processing time is given as general guidelines and will vary according to different factors. Be aware that there is no fast track or rush procedure.

For all special cases, please refer to the section.


Caution: Cerfa form in draft

The day of your appointment you must imperatively present your CERFA in final paper version. It must not have the word "DRAFT".

If your CERFA has the mention "DRAFT", this means that your application is not finalized on France-Visas and will therefore be refused on the day of filing.

Beware of fraudulent sites

Visa applicants are advised to be cautious in all dealings with companies that claim to offer assistance in obtaining French visas.

The day of your appointment:

Attention, the day of your appointment you must print and come with your receipt. In case of absence of a document present on your receipt, your visa application can be refused.

Next school year

You want to study in France at the next school year. Check the details of your country on the student page of France-Visas. Then proceed to the registrations according to the specialties and the study levels on Campus France if necessary.

Visas for France: a new online service

France is launching a new service to make the visa application process easier (general information in six languages, a visa assistant, submission and follow-up of applications)..

Do you need help? Consult the FAQ section or the page Contact-Assistance.