Health conditions

Health crisis / Entry regime for France and visa issuance

To tackle the virus and limit the introduction of its variants, border control measures are required on a temporary basis, for both entering and leaving France.
Each time, travellers must comply with the following rules:

  • The movement regime: this sets out the exemptions under which travellers can enter France while borders are closed. These exemptions are currently restricted to pressing grounds;
  • Health check measures: tests before and/or upon arrival, you must show no symptoms of the virus, must not be a close contact, must self-isolate for seven days, etc.;
  • The usual entry requirements apply: all foreign travellers must present a valid passport along with the required documents proving the reason for their stay (for short stays of less than 90 days: proof of resources and accommodation and short-stay visa if required for their nationality; if coming to live in France: long-stay visa; if residing in France: residence permit).

The nature of these measures varies for each traveller based on several criteria:

  • Whether entering or leaving Metropolitan France;
  • Country of origin or destination:  France or another State in the European space, a State outside the European space, including the United Kingdom;
  • Nationality or country of residence of the traveller;
  • Age of the traveller (over or under 11).

The rules applicable to you, based on your destination or origin, can be found on the Interior Ministry website.

Finally, only visa requests for entry into France on pressing grounds can currently be processed by our diplomatic and consular posts.

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