Submit your application at a visa centre for France, in Iran

Visa applications submitted in Iran are processed at the Embassy of France in Tehran. Decisions to grant or refuse a visa are strictly taken by French Diplomatic and Consular authorities.

  • For short stay applications, be sure to submit your documents at least 15 days before your date of departure.
  • For long stay visa, be sure to apply at least 1 month before your date of departure.

Visa application can be submitted within 6 months before the trip or within 3 months before the expiration of the previous circulation visa.

To make an appointment and find information about the nearest visa centre, please check the “Whom should I contact ?” section.

For all the specific cases (official or diplomatic passport holders, students), see section "Particular situations”.


Caution: Cerfa form in draft

The day of your appointment you must imperatively present your CERFA in final paper version. It must not have the word "DRAFT".

If your CERFA has the mention "DRAFT", this means that your application is not finalized on France-Visas and will therefore be refused on the day of filing.

Beware of fraudulent sites

Visa applicants are advised to be cautious in all dealings with companies that claim to offer assistance in obtaining French visas.

The day of your appointment:

Attention, the day of your appointment you must print and come with your receipt. In case of absence of a document present on your receipt, your visa application can be refused.