Particular situations

Official and diplomatic passports:

Applicants holding official and diplomatic passports are not concerned par the new procedure of compulsory appointment and pre-payment of service fee on VFS.Global website. They are requested to apply without appointment at the VFS.Global visas centres in Abuja and Lagos. In order to be accepted, their application must contain a note verbale.

Holders of official and diplomatic passport are required to hold a short-stay visa (plan a deadline of maximum delivery of these visas of 15 days) but are exempt from holding an Airport Transit Visa only if they transit through the Schengen area.

Visas issued to holders of official passports are free of charge. They pay neither service nor visa fee.


Airport Transit Visa:

You are required to hold an airport transit visa “A” (VTA) if you hold a Nigerian ordinary or service passport, if you hold a long-stay visa or residence permit issued by the UK authorities, if you remain in the international zone of the airport in France while waiting for the connection to your final destination, and if your final destination is outside the Schengen area.


Third states represented by France in Nigeria:

The French consulate in Lagos represents two other Schengen countries: Lithuania and Netherlands (also represented by Belgium in Abuja). Applications to visit Lithuania or Netherlands as sole or main destination must be taken to the VFS.Global centre in Lagos after taking an appointment and paying service fee online.

France also processes visa applications on behalf of Monaco, Djibouti and Togo. Applicants must submit their application at one of the VFS.Global visa centres after taking an appointment and paying service fee online.


Apply for a student visa:

To prepare their applications visa applicants for studies have to first look at the french Institute website .


French/EU family members applying in Abuja:

Warning, these visa applicants are from now on requested to apply personally at the Abuja VFS.Global visa centre, after taking an apointment on the VFS.Global website and paying the service fee online.