There are 2 kinds of fees to be paid in order to apply for a visa :

  • Visas fees (pdf) paid to the French authorities pour processing your applications. Tariffs are indicated in euros. To obtain the amount in local currency, please convert the amount mentioned in this list @ using the current exchange rate. They are paid in cash or with a credit card in the VFS centres.

This amount is kept by the French authorities even if the visa is refused.

  • Service fees to VFS.Global

Basic service fees are fixed in euros and paid in cash or with a debit card. The amount is around 14 000 Nairas (34 €) per application and are not refundable, unless the applicant decides not to submit the application before biometric data collection.

From February 27th, 2020, in order to book an appointment on line sur VFS.Global website, service fees will have to be paid online. This pre payment will confirm your appointment. It will not be refundable.

Optional additional services payable to VFS.Global are available at VFS.Global visa centres.