Resumption of visa operations in Russia: new conditions for submission of visa applications

Please note that the information below takes precedence over the general information that follows.

Visa applications for limited categories are possible at 18 VFS Global centers : 5 days a week in Moscow, 3 days a week in Saint Petersburg, 1 day a week in the other centers.

The appointment booking module of the VFS Global portal specifies the visa categories for which appointments are currently available.

Appointments will be mandatory for submission of all types of applications. Only the applicant will be allowed to enter the visa application center.

Visa applicants will be requested to bring their own masks and gloves. Access will be denied to anyone with a temperature above 37.3°C.

Available appointments will be limited to 70 per day so as to enforce social distancing measures and conduct disinfection procedures.

The issuance of a visa does not guarantee entry into a French territory, which remains governed by the restrictions applicable at the borders. Before applying for a visa, it is thus recommended that you check whether or not you are authorized to enter France by referring to the following link : Attestation de déplacement et de voyage.


Apply for a visa in Russia to visit France

Visa applications submitted in Russia are examined by the French Consulate in Moscow; only the Consulate is authorised to take decisions about visas.

Visa applicants can visit the 18 VFS Global Centres in Russia to have their visa application processed. Appointment is mandatory to submit an application.

To make an appointment and find information about the visa application centres, please check the “Whom should I contact ?”.

For all special cases, holder of service or diplomatic passports, refer to the section “Special features”.


Caution: Cerfa form in draft

The day of your appointment you must imperatively present your CERFA in final paper version. It must not have the word "DRAFT".

If your CERFA has the mention "DRAFT", this means that your application is not finalized on France-Visas and will therefore be refused on the day of filing.

Beware of fraudulent sites

Visa applicants are advised to be cautious in all dealings with companies that claim to offer assistance in obtaining French visas.

The day of your appointment:

Attention, the day of your appointment you must print and come with your receipt. In case of absence of a document present on your receipt, your visa application can be refused.