• Schengen visa (Form 14076-02): French


  • Long-stay visa (Form 14571-05): French
  • OFII certification application: French
  • Authorisation to work for a salaried employment:
    • Form 15187-02 (Foreign employee living outside France): French
    • Form 15619-01 (Intra-group mobility for a senior management): French
  • International talents and economic attractiveness (Skilled residence permit):
    • Form 15614-01 (Known company “new innovative enterprise”): French
    • Form 15615-01 (Highly qualified employee): French
    • Form 15616-01 (Company belonging to the same international group of companies as your employer): French
    • Form 15617-01 (Artistic and cultural profession): French
  • Agreement relating to the placement of an au pair under French law (Stagiaire aide familial) (Form 61-2116): French / English


Update : October 2017