Track your application status

The visa centre where you submitted your application is responsible for providing tracking information about your application. However, the centre can not tell you whether your application will be successful or not.

  • You submitted your application to a consulate or embassy visa processing department; use the online application tracking tool "InfoVISA" .
  • You submitted your application to a service provider:
    • CAPAGO: Please contact the visa application centre  directly;  
    • VFS: Use the VFS online application tracking tool. To obtain information about your application, please provide the reference number you were given and your surname;
    • TLS: Please log onto the TLScontact website where you submitted your visa application.

You can find more information in the pages on submitting your application

Collecting your passport

Once your application has been processed, you will be asked to collect your passport from your visa application centre. Certain countries offer a “passport courier service”. Please check the availability of this service with your visa application centre. 

Preparing your arrival in France

Before leaving for France, please check that you fully comply with all current European and national entry conditions.