Trainee caregiver (young au pair)

► Your situation

  • You are aged between 17 and 30;
  • You are temporarily going to stay with a family in France in order to study French.

► Your requirements

You must sign an au pair placement agreement (pdf). This agreement must be submitted to the French authorities (DIRECCTE) by your host family. The form must indicate:

  • The services you will be required to provide to the family;
  • Your working hours (five hours maximum per day);
  • Details about your board and lodging;
  • Your weekly rest days (one rest day per week including one compulsory Sunday a month);
  • The jointly agreed amount of pocket money you will receive.

This must be accompanied by your medical certificate dated less than 3 months (the certificate must be translated into French by a sworn translator if the original is in a foreign language).

After receiving authorisation from the authorities, you should then apply for your visa in accordance with the procedure in place for your country.

► Your visa

You will be issued a long-stay visa, equivalent to a residence permit, which will be subject to further formalities upon your arrival in France.

The length of your stay must not exceed one year. It may be extended as long as it does not exceed two years.

Update : December 2018

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